RealyInvest is free to download and get started, and is always commission free. 

There is just a $1.99 per month membership fee for unlimited investing and use of the app for buying and redeeming shares, monitoring your portfolio of investments, and learning at our RealyCafe.

Our low, transparent monthly fee ensures that you are our valued member--not our product. And fees don’t begin until you make your first investment.

Premium subscriptions like RealyGold will soon be available. RealyGold will feature priority access to new and existing properties, automatic monthly investment, automatic dividend reinvestment, and full access to the interactive RealyU. Stay tuned! 

We will also offer a RealyRetire IRA account. Of course, you may hold your RealyInvest shares in your self-directed IRA or other retirement account now.

You may invest via ACH and pay monthly fees directly from your bank at no charge. Please see our Pricing Page and our Prospectus for details.

RealyInvest will offer new shares monthly when available, and you may redeem shares on a monthly basis as well. We require three business days advance notice to redeem shares. There is never a commission to buy or redeem shares. There is only a $2.50 flat fee per redemption order to redeem shares.

RealyInvest makes it possible to be either a short-term or long-term investor. Please see our Prospectus for details.

The rate of return, or yield, on your RealyInvest investment is determined by the long-term lease agreement on the property as signed by our corporate tenants (such as Starbucks or Chase Bank). These leases specify rent and usually stipulate regular rent increases that provide a rising income stream, and increasing yield, over time.

RealyInvest collects rent and distributes funds as dividends to individual shareholders on a monthly basis. When shareholders reinvest these dividends in new shares, they unlock the power of compound earnings.

Finally, when investors hold RealyInvest ownership shares for the entire term of a lease (usually 10-15 years), they also share in any property appreciation realized at the sale of the property. (A common industry estimate is 2% annual property appreciation. Actual sale price may be above or below that estimate.)  Behold the power of Total Return PLUS!

Yes. RealyInvest’s offerings are regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Our onboarding and escrow services are provided by North Capital Private Securities Corporation, a member of SIPC and FINRA; KoreConX is our SEC-registered transfer agent.

RealyInvest. Get Real with your money.

A NNN, or “triple net,” property is a commercial property leased to a single corporate tenant. Under the terms of a NNN lease, that tenant is responsible for paying taxes, maintenance and insurance on the property and building. In a NN, or “double net,” lease, the landlord may have a limited obligation in the lease, such as roof maintenance. Often there is a warranty to cover most landlord obligations in a NN lease, or the tenant must reimburse the landlord for those expenses.

Many of the places where we shop and eat are NNN- or NN-leased properties, including most Starbucks, Verizon and Chipotle stores, among many others.  For more information, check out our NNN & NN 101 Guide. 

There are many great things about investing in RealyInvest NNN and NN real estate:

-RealyInvest NNN and NN properties are long-term leased to corporate tenants and brands you know and use everyday.

-NNN- and NN-leased properties can provide a steady and growing stream of rental income as dictated by the terms of the lease. 

-Historically, commercial real estate has performed well and is not directly correlated to the daily ups and downs of the stock market. 

-NNN properties require almost zero maintenance, and NN properties are very low maintenance. In fact, we’ll only offer ownership shares in NN properties if a warranty covers the limited maintenance responsibilities or is to be reimbursed by the tenant.  Shareholders have no financial responsibility for any property apart from their share price.

-You can add to your RealyInvest portfolio over time and diversify between tenants and business sectors.

-For those seeking short-term yield, RealyInvest makes it possible to redeem shares monthly at original purchase price -- so you’re not locked in for the term of the NNN or NN lease.  See our Prospectus for details.

-These properties can be great for IRAs, 401K’s and long-term wealth creation. When investors hold ownership shares over the entire term of a lease (10-15 years), they receive rising rental income as specified in the lease, as well as any property appreciation realized at the sale of the property. (A common industry estimate is 2% annual property appreciation. Actual sale price may be above or below that estimate).

-Our properties provide a potentially above-market yield in a low-inflation economic environment. Conversely, these kinds of hard assets can also be used  as a hedge in an inflationary or stagflationary environment.

-Some investors consider NN and NNN leases a bond-like instrument. This means that these leases, like corporate bonds, are debt instruments valued on the public credit rating of the issuer/tenant. 

And those are just a few of the NNN and NN real estate benefits!

The NNN and NN commercial real estate market is active, and there are usually many fully-built, rent-paying properties being bought and sold daily. RealyInvest curates this market, searching for the best of these locations, tenants, and leases.

It’s easy and quick. In fact, it takes less than five minutes!

Yes, you can invest and pay fees by ACH. Paying by ACH (a transfer of funds directly from your bank account) is free. RealyInvest does not accept credit cards at this time.

A premium subscription called RealyGold is in the works. Stay tuned!

We believe RealyInvest is well-suited for retirement planning. You can start investing now; we will be offering IRA accounts soon.

Rental income is collected monthly by RealyInvest, and is distributed to you monthly as dividends via ACH transfer directly to your bank account.

RealyInvest is committed to keeping your information secure and private. To keep all your data secure, RealyInvest encrypts data at rest and in transit. While our services are hosted in US-based AWS facilities, servers live within RealyInvest's own VPCs to prevent unauthorized network requests.

NNN and NN leases are long-term in nature, often lasting 10 to 15 years or more. These leases define the exact and agreed levels of rental payments and usually stipulate scheduled rent increases that raise the rate of return as well as the potential value of the property.

RealyInvest currently transfers your dividend income to you monthly. Simply save those funds and use them to expand your portfolio of RealyInvest holdings. With our RealyGold subscription (coming soon!) we will automatically reinvest your dividends if you choose. Stay tuned!

RealyInvest’s plan is to hold  a property through the full term of the current lease, collecting rental income and paying our shareholder members dividends for the life of that lease. We will endeavor to sell the property at the most advantageous time, usually when a lease is renewed. Re-lease rates by NNN REITs like Realty Income are 94.5% for the 2020 reporting period. Similarly, National Retail Properties’ re-lease rate is between 80%-90%. RealyInvest will distribute all proceeds to shareholders at that time.

Yes. As RealyInvest acquires more NNN and NN properties, you can invest in the land and building for a Starbucks, and then an Amazon Fulfillment center, etc…  Subsequent to that you may invest in shares in a McDonald’s and then a Verizon store. You can choose properties in various business segments and in diverse regions of the country--all on your own timetable!

RealyInvest can be a bedrock part of a dynamic investment portfolio that includes stocks, bonds, and alternative investments as well.

No. RealyInvest curates and purchases desirable properties that are fully-built, NNN or NN long-term leased, and paying rent. Then we securitize these properties and offer shares of ownership to our members for their investment portfolios. Yield payments commence when shares are purchased.

Yes. There are a few additional steps, but we can get you signed up quickly. See our Prospectus for details.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a number of rules RealyInvest must comply with. Among those is that we must establish and confirm the identity of our investors. Additionally, in order to ACH funds to and from your bank account, we require bank information.

It’s no hassle at all. Just open the RealyInvest app and select the Redemption Option. Then let us know which shares you want to redeem. RealyInvest will ACH your original purchase price for the shares right back into your bank account.

You can buy or redeem shares on a monthly basis. Simply place the order at least three business days before the end of any month. RealyInvest will ACH the money to your account on the first business day of the next month. There is a $2.50 transaction fee for every redemption order. Easy Peasy.

Please see our Prospectus for full details.

When choosing properties for our investors, RealyInvest selects purpose-built properties in healthy retail locations that are NN- and NNN-leased to investment grade corporate tenants. These factors tend to make our investments conservative in nature. 

However, all investments involve some level of risk. 

In the case of RealyInvest, one of our tenants--such as Starbucks or FedEx--could possibly file for bankruptcy and reduce or discontinue lease payments as part of a bankruptcy settlement.

Or, while the industry average for lease renewal is greater than 80% for these specialty properties, a corporate tenant may elect not to renew a lease with RealyInvest. If this happened, RealyInvest would have to re-lease the property to a new tenant, who may not be as credit-worthy as the previous tenant. In this scenario there might be a rent and dividend interruption during the re-leasing period and, potentially, a reduced dividend rate and overall rate of return.

Lastly, some long-term leases contain no rebuild clauses that do not require a tenant to continue a lease if their building is severely damaged in the last two years of that lease. While RealyInvest properties are insured for damage, this could possibly cause an interruption in rent and dividend payments during a repair/re-lease period and/or reduce the overall rate of return.

It is important to note that under no circumstance are RealyInvest shareholders responsible for any property costs apart from their share price. And even in the event of a default on rent payments or bankruptcy by a tenant, RealyInvest shareholders maintain ownership of their land and building through their share interests. 

Finally, while RealyInvest has a monthly share redemption program, market forces or corporate conditions may mean RealyInvest is unable to redeem shares on a timely basis, or at all.

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