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This is now a reality through the innovation of fractional share ownership. In the case of our GetReal investors (REIT shares) you can now buy shares of stock like REITS by dollar amount, not just number of whole shares.

For the first time through RealyInvest, investors can buy shares representing ownership in NNN Properties. These shares will be sold under U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation A+ (pursuant to the Offering Circular as supplemented from time to time). This kind of investment in high quality commercial real estate has never been available to new or small investors before RealyInvest’s innovative GetRealyReal program.

Dividends and rental income are accounted on your app dashboard weekly, and paid to you quarterly. You may choose to reinvest your dividend and/or rental income, or receive it as you wish.

NNN Properties are bought and sold at what is called a market capitalization rate. This rate tells buyers approximately what their return on investment will be, year-to-year, based on the rent and terms of the lease. For example, a Starbucks restaurant land and building will usually be sold to us at a capitalization rate (cap rate) of between 4% and 5%. This means that our GetRealyReal investors who own portion interests of that Starbucks land and building will be paid a 4-5% dividend income annually on their investment, posted to their app dashboard weekly, and paid or reinvested quarterly.

As a NNN lease matures, the rent usually increases. This higher rent rate will be the basis for negotiating a new rent figure from the tenant. RealyInvest will then sell the NNN Asset and distribute the proceeds.

It only takes $5 to open an account as a GetReal Investor, but there is not a limit to the amount you may invest in REITs.

You may open an account as a GetRealyReal investor for $20. Your first NNN Asset investment is set at $20. All subsequent NNN Asset investments are set at a minimum of $100; investments over $3,000 in any single NNN Asset offering are subject to availability, to be determined by RealyInvest.

RealyInvest will function as a Registered Investment Advisor. This means that RealyInvest has a fiduciary relationship with our investors and must operate with their best interests in mind. RealyInvest will also manage NNN Properties on an ongoing basis, including sales of those assets.

When you invest in REIT shares your money will be sent to Foliofn Investments, Inc., as clearing house and custodian, which purchases and holds the shares for you.

When you invest in NNN Properties your money is held in escrow and is used to buy an actual NNN Asset, such as a Starbucks land and building.

All GetReal investment funds and securities will be held by Foliofn Investments, Inc. (member FINRA, NYSE , SIPC) as custodian. All GetRealyReal investment funds are held in escrow until a NNN Asset is purchased. Subsequently, your NNN Asset shares are held by a licensed transfer agent.

You can sell your REIT shares anytime you wish within the parameters of the daily buy/sell windows established by Foliofn Investments, Inc. and RealyInvest. These shares are traded on major exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ.

Each RealyInvestor will have a dashboard on our app that displays their account information and provides access to the RealyInvest permissioned network. We anticipate the network will allow holders to transfer and trade their NNN Asset (GetRealyReal) ownership shares. There is no assurance these shares will be tradeable on an exchange or otherwise.

The general strategy for highest return is to buy and hold the NNN Asset for the term of the original lease, approximately 6-10 years. Then RealyInvest will seek to procure a new lease, sell the asset, and disburse the proceeds to shareholders. We strongly encourage our investors to buy, hold and build a portfolio for the long term.

There may not be a secondary market for the sale or transfer of NNN ownership interests. If this is the case and you wish to sell your ownership shares, RealyInvest will buy back only your first NNN Asset investment at your original purchase price, less credits and unpaid fees. RealyInvest may, at its sole discretion, seek a relationship with an outside, licensed broker-dealer to make a market for our shares to the public. RealyInvest would only seek this opportunity if it believes it to be in the best interest of our investors.

When you invest NNN Properties through RealyInvest, you purchase shares representing ownership in a specific NNN Asset. These shares will be issued through NNN Asset-based security preferred shares. This format of ownership functions in a way similar to shares of preferred stock. All RealyInvest NNN investments are sold under Regulation A+ pursuant to the Offering Circular as supplemented from time to time.

RealyInvest plans to buy NNN Properties for cash, but reserves the right to leverage any given NNN Asset purchase to 50% of the required equity. Any debt placed on a NNN Asset is long-term with a fixed rate.

You may close your account when you have sold or traded your shares and any fees owed are paid.

As a GetReal investor, RealyInvest will close your account, sell your REIT shares and collect delinquent fees.

As a GetRealyReal investor, RealyInvest will sequester your dividends and, if necessary, close out your portion interests and either offer them to another investor or keep them in reserve until all fees are made current, at RealyInvest’s sole discretion.

The risks for NNN Asset investors revolve around interest rates and lease renewal. In the event interest rates rise, cap rates generally are less favorable -- that is, RealyInvest will receive less money on the sale of the NNN Asset. However, it is also possible that if interest rates rise, rents will rise as well. This may balance out a less favorable cap rate with higher new rents on the NNN Asset, resulting in a better sales price.

Additional risk involves the possibility that the premier tenant may not renew their lease. This will cause an interruption in rent and dividend payments while a new tenant is secured--and this new tenant may or may not bring the same rental income or potential sale price for the NNN Property. RealyInvest seeks to minimize this risk by offering NNN Properties with the best tenants in the best locations. There is an old saying in real estate: the three most important aspects of real estate are location, location, location. This remains true today. In investing, risk factors can be minimized, but risk can never be completely eliminated.

Initially, fractional ownership or whole share ownership will be on a non-margin basis. That means you can buy as much stock as you wish on a cash basis.

The plan is to sell each NNN Property either when a new lease is signed toward the end of the initial lease term or in the lease extension period. The rental payments increase over time and, along with inflation, can help enhance the value of the building.

The land and/or building will be sold and the proceeds divided among all the shareholders and sent to their accounts to either spend or reinvest.

Potential returns on NNN Properties are based on a hypothetical investment of $1000 for the full term of a given NNN investment-reinvesting dividends and including potential sale proceeds. The impact of fees varies by account size and activity.

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