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You know we are an increasingly mobile society. We move around a lot. We tend to keep a lot of stuff and accumulate things. In an article entitled “The Young and the Restless” Forbes magazine tells us that millennials make up 24% of the population but account for 43% of all movers.

With all this moving around, relocating for jobs and just finding where we belong-there is a REIT for that. Yes, the self-storage industry has and is booming across these United States. While you don’t actually store yourself-you do store all the stuff you have accumulated. It turns out that these little storage lockers are a pretty good business.

CubeSmart is a company that owns or manages over 800 self-storage facilities nationally and is one of the top three such operators in the country.The company’s stated goal is to simplify the logistical needs created by life’s events. They cater to those who need climate controlled storage and tender-loving care.

When we rent those 5’ x 10’ lockers we pay them. When we own the shares of this REIT they pay us! They currently offer a 3.81% dividend yield. Maybe you could rent a locker to keep your dividend money in. That’s just a joke-we know you should reinvest it wisely.

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