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Uniti Group, Inc.

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Make money from your smartphone. Every time you pick up your smartphone to text a friend or check your portfolio, data is flying around at a breakneck pace. Cell towers, fiber optics, 5G and all that jazz are all in play. Does all this cool stuff build itself? Does the data just fly through the air with the greatest of eaze? Nope, it’s all got to be sent and received through telecommunications infrastructure.

Uniti Group, Inc. (UNIT) is an infrastructure REIT that is engaged in the acquisition and construction of what is known as mission critical communications infrastructure. They are a leading provider of wireless infrastructure solutions for the communications industry. They own 5 million fibre strand miles, about 700 wireless towers (you know, the kind they often try to make look like really weird super-tall trees) and other communications real estate both in the good old U.S.A. and Latin America as well.

All this great mobile technology is dependent on people just like the Uniti Group, Inc. to make it work-and they do. They are really good at what they do and the need for more and better technology will only grow over time.

While you have your phone out and those wireless assets are buzzing you can check on the status of your 10.70% dividend yield Uniti is currently offering. That’s a good connection right there.

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