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With our “GetRealyReal” investment strategy, America’s most credible brands pay rent to you.

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Why invest in NNN Assets with RealyInvest?

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NNN properties are long-term leased to America’s strongest corporations.

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Quality tenants with high credit ratings pays your rent--cash in your account!

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NNN tenants are responsible for all costs associated with the property such as rent, property taxes, maintenance and fees.

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All the burden, responsibilities, risks and costs fall on the NNN tenant.

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Buy shares of premier commercial real estate for as little as $20

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For as little as $20, you can now actually own a share of interest of a Starbucks building and land.

Collect rental income as these premier tenants pay their rent and share in the proceeds when the asset is sold.

Check out these NNN Assets

Premier commercial real estate has historically outperformed the stock market.

Collect dividends as these premier tenants pay their rent, and profit from potential appreciation when the asset is sold -- just like the super-rich do!

Source: Yahoo Finance

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