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The growth in online buying has been phenomenal. The FedEx story is a major part of the online buying and selling story. All that merchandise has to be stored and shipped from somewhere, by someone--and FedEx is one of the 600 lb. gorillas of that business, and getting bigger!

It’s really kind of cool that, for the first time ever, it is possible to buy and own an interest of a huge transhipment warehouse! FedEx will actually pay you rent! This NNN FedEx facility pays an annual dividend yield of over 6%, credited to you weekly and paid or reinvested quarterly. Our plan is to buy this facility, or one just like it, then sell it when a new lease is signed-about 10 years from now. While we cannot guarantee any return, if you re-invest your dividend income the sale of this asset should give us a good total return. We’re aiming for about 10.7% per year, net of fees.

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