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Taco Bell NNN Property

Corporate Name

Taco Bell Corporation

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Potential Total Return,
Net of Fees



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How’d you like to receive rental income from this really cool Taco Bell? We know the feed is good--from fiery Doritos Los Tacos Supreme to the amazing Nachos Bell Grande! But can you buy the whole restaurant from the drive-through window? I don't think so.

You can buy this great investment now through RealyInvest. This NNN Taco Bell restaurant, land and building has an annual dividend yield of about 5%, a great 20-year lease with rent escalations (bumps in real estate lingo) of 7.5% every 5 years. Yield is credited to you monthly and either paid or reinvested quarterly. We’ll buy this or one just like it, collect all that taco rent and sell it in roughly ten years or so. While we cannot guarantee any return, if you re-invest your dividend income, the sale of this asset should give us a good total return. We're aiming for 8.9% per year, net of fees.

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