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TD Bank

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TD Bank, N.A.

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Where do they keep all the money? Increasingly, they keep it in banks that are open the hours that people really live. They also have a growing online presence. Oh yeah, they keep the dough in a modern, smaller footprint building.

TD Bank is a great credit tenant. They are a conservative super-regional but are on the leading edge of what banks will look like in the 21st century. We here at RealyInvest know this tenant and this site well and love it.

There are a few really good players in the consumer bank business going forward. Chase and TD prime among them.

You can deposit a check, make a withdrawl, and face-time with a real banker-all from your smartphone. You still need to have a local branch to build relationships and be a billboard for the brand. The bank of the future looks a lot different than the bank of the past. The banks we will focus on are those that do-and also are located on really good locations.

So go on up to the drive-through window. But remember, they’ll just look at you funny if you offer to buy the land and building. For that you need RealyInvest. You can have a share interest in this well-located bank as part of a growing, dynamic portfolio of premier commercial real estate.

You’ll get a 5.51% dividend yield to start. There’s about 8 years remaining on the lease that includes 12% bumps every five years. Total return is potentially in the 9.8% per year area.

Think about it. The bank will be paying you! How cool is that?

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