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Corporate Name

WaWa, Inc.

Annual Dividend Yield


Potential Total Return,
Net of Fees



Get Realy Real


WaWa, they achieve a massive cult following wherever they go. They elevate the gas station and convenience store to a whole new level. You pack the car and they pack the house-gas, drinks, delicious subs and yummy milkshakes. You gotta see it to believe it. They have really brought innovation and a whole new level of food service and convenience. They even have free air for your tires!

But when you fill up and get that meatball sub, you can’t buy the land and building at checkout. But now you can own shares in their land and buildings through RealyInvest! That’s right, they will pay you rent. Again, we love this category of real estate.

There’s a new C-store sheriff in town-and it’s WaWa. And it’s a gas!

The plan is to buy this WaWa, or one just like it-and sell it when a new lease is signed.

The rental income will produce about a 4.55% annual return to start. Total return could come to about 8.2% per year before fees.

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