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How RealyInvest Can Work For You

It’s okay to start small, but start now! Buy a portion of a REIT share for $5. Begin earning dividend income.  Then add more shares that suit your lifestyle and investing goals. Investing as little as $5 a week can help your portfolio grow.  

Buy an interest in a NNN Asset -- a Starbucks-leased building and land, for example. It only takes $20 for your first NNN investment. Then invest $100 or more in our next NNN Asset offering. Watch as your rental income grows. Yes, they pay you!

But don’t just spend that dividend and rental income; reinvest it. It’s this kind of steady addition to your investment portfolio that best helps you meet your financial goals.

And as you continue to grow your RealyInvest portfolio, up to $5000, your monthly fees won’t increase.

Pretty soon you’ll start building real wealth, having fun and making money. We make it easy to understand, and easy to get started.

And if you sign up right now, we’ll even give you a credit toward your first investment!


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Investment Programs Pricing

Choose the strategy that suits you: GetReal with REIT shares, GetRealyReal with NNN Assets -- or both!

REIT shares
  • REITs own portfolios of commercial real estate for their shareholders
  • Regular dividend income, realize potential gains
  • $2.00 per month (includes GetRealyReal program)
  • No additional fees
NNN Asset shares
  • Premier commercial properties leased to America's strongest companies
  • Steady dividend income and longer-term potential gains
  • $2.00 per month (includes GetReal program)
  • No additional fees

Programs for GetReal and GetRealyReal Investors

Coming Soon: More ways to tailor your investing

Premium Early Notification
  • Real Estate Special Forces: get six-day advance notice of new NNN Asset Offerings
  • RealyInvest's Tax-advantaged Individual Retirement Accounts
  • Quarterly automated investments in the strategy of your choice

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