Chase: The 600 lb. Gorilla of American Banking

Have the greatest bank in America pay you rent.

Chase Bank, even the name sounds solid - if a bit stodgy. Chase has been and remains the gold standard in consumer banking. They are now the biggest bank, by assets, in the country. They’ve just topped $3.3 trillion (that’s right, trillion) in that department. They are also number one in deposits as well, with just under $2 trillion (again, that’s trillion).

Standard and Poor’s rates them at the lofty perch of A-. You get the idea. The banking world is swirling with innovation, mobile apps and all that jazz. Chase understands this and is adapting and growing.

They also understand that the American consumer visits a bank branch several times a financial quarter. In fact, CNN reports that 60% of Millennials and 73% of Gen Z visit a bank branch monthly.

Chase is succeeding so well because they have been a great innovator in mobile app banking, digital drive-throughs and offer terrific hands-on customer service, too.

One of the best things about this heavy-weight credit tenant is they select excellent locations for their branches. This means long-term, stable tenancy as well as great utility for another tenant in the event the bank doesn’t renew a lease.

The future of banking is mobile - both on an app and a digital drive-through. Chase is innovating and expanding their bank branches to accommodate a new generation of customers. Many of these customers will need the services of the branch as they save, get home mortgages, invest, and grow their families. JP Morgan Chase plans to accommodate their needs for the long-term.

Chase occupies premium real estate and they often NNN lease their land or buildings. It’s a great opportunity for our RealyInvest members.

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