This Chase Bank is one of the NNN transactions developed by RealyInvest co-founder Jeffrey Beebe.

That’s Jeff standing in front of the bank, located in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. This site was a former restaurant. Jeff’s firm bought the property and demolished the old building, then leased the property to Chase -- and Chase built a brand new bank branch on it. The ground lease was for over 15 years. Chase is a great investment-grade tenant.

Pictured here is another one of Jeff’s projects, a Starbucks and a Mod Pizza. This property is located in front of a Target store in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Jeff’s firm purchased a portion of the Target parking lot and long-term leased the land and their portion of the building to Starbucks Corporation. Starbuck’s investment grade credit standing made the deal possible...and profitable. The drive-through is humming right along.

These two properties were sold as long-term, conservative investments to wealthy investors seeking above market yield, an inflation hedge, potential appreciation in value and minimal to no landlord responsibilities.

Other tenants with whom Jeff has done NNN or NN deals include TD Bank, Chipotle, BB&T Bank (now Truist) and AAA Auto Centers, to name a few.

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