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RealyInvest allows investors to own fractional shares of commercial real estate

Earn dividends and rental income!

Why commercial real estate?

Premier commercial real estate has historically outperformed the stock market.

Source: Yahoo Finance

How it Works

Invest in Real Estate

Choose $5 for a REIT share or $20 for a NNN share

We Do the Work

Sit back as RealyInvest collects rent and updates your dashboard

Get Paid

You earn regular dividend and rental income, and any appreciation

Explore Our Investment Strategies


Invest in REITs that reflect your lifestyle

REIT Shares are offered through our GetReal program
Learn more about REITs


Invest in NNN's and be a landlord to your favorite companies

NNN Asset shares are offered through our GetRealyReal program
Learn more about NNN's

Frequently Asked Questions

$2.00 per month includes GetReal (REITs) & GetRealyReal (NNN Assets) programs

We will be offering a RealyGold program for aggressive investors shortly as well.

NOTE: You may pre-pay fees for any level of participation for an 11-month period and receive the 12th month free.

Once your portfolio reaches $5,000 in value, GetReal, GetRealyReal, RealyAutomatic and RealyRetire fees are converted to an annual fee of .25% of total portfolio value, assessed monthly.

  • Sign up for our wait list and secure your investment credit
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  • Choose the commercial real estate investment that suits you
  • Monitor your dividends and rental income daily from your smartphone
  • Continue to learn about real estate investing and build your portfolio over time

You can open an account and begin buying REIT shares for $5.

You can begin investing in NNN Assets for $20.

In short, yes.

Diversified portfolios offer greater stability and work toward building wealth over the long term. Stocks, bonds and premier commercial real estate all have a place in a healthy, diversified investment portfolio, depending upon your investing goals.

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