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Commercial real estate investing simplified.

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Corporate tenants maintain our properties and pay rent

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Earn your share of rental income and any long-term appreciation

See our Prospectus for full details.

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Current Offering

Marietta, Ohio

Tenant: Starbucks Corporation


Current Total Return: 5.06% /yr

Projected Total Return PLUS: 7.94% /yr

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Frequently Asked Questions

RealyInvest is free to download and get started, and is always commission free.

There is just a $1.99 per month membership fee for unlimited investing and use of the app for buying and redeeming shares, monitoring your portfolio of investments, and learning at our RealyCafe.

Our low, transparent monthly fee ensures that you are our valued member--not our product. Fees don’t begin until your first shares are settled, the month after you place your first order. Membership fees are charged every month thereafter as long as you continue as a RealyInvest member.

Yes! RealyGold members have guaranteed investing access when new shares are available, automated monthly investment, and automated dividend reinvestment.

RealyGold members can also open specialized IRA accounts. (Of course, most self-directed IRA accounts can invest with RealyInvest at this time.) You’ll also have full access to our RealyCafe and personal access to our RealyInvest founders and team in our monthly online forums – all this for only $4.99 per month!

You can start today as a regular member and upgrade to RealyGold when available. Coming soon!

Yes! RealyNOW will be available for kids, teens and the whole family. Each kid or teen gets their own account, under the authority of a parent or guardian.

Kids and teens can buy and redeem shares, build a life-long portfolio, form sound investing habits and learn all about investing from our RealyU mini courses. RealyNOW membership also includes monthly personal access to our RealyInvest team for questions and answers.

RealyNOW parents can invest and build their own portfolios of premier commercial real estate. They can invest for yield on their cash, for their IRA’s, or for personal goals.

You get all this for only $7.99 per month for up to two parents or guardians and three kids. Additional kids or teens $.99 each per month. Go to RealyNOW for more information and reserve your spot on the RealyNOW wait list.

Youth who are at least 18 and all adults can begin investing today with RealyInvest, and the whole family can upgrade to RealyNOW when available. Go to RealyNOW and sign up for our wait list. Coming Soon!

RealyInvest will offer new shares monthly when available, and you may redeem shares on a monthly basis as well. We require three business days advance notice to redeem shares. There is never a commission to buy or redeem shares. There is only a $2.50 flat fee per redemption order to redeem shares.

RealyInvest makes it possible to be either a short-term or long-term investor. Please see our Prospectus for details.

The rate of return, or yield, on your RealyInvest investment is determined by the long-term lease agreement on the property as signed by our corporate tenants (such as Starbucks or Chase Bank). These leases specify rent and usually stipulate regular rent increases that provide a rising income stream, and increasing yield, over time.

RealyInvest collects rent and distributes funds as dividends to individual shareholders on a monthly basis. When shareholders reinvest these dividends in new shares, they unlock the power of compound earnings.

Finally, when investors hold RealyInvest ownership shares for the entire term of a lease (usually 10-15 years), they also share in any property appreciation realized at the sale of the property. (A common industry estimate is 2% annual property appreciation. Actual sale price may be above or below that estimate.)  Behold the power of Total Return PLUS!

Yes. RealyInvest’s offerings are qualified by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Our onboarding and escrow services are provided by North Capital Private Securities Corporation, a member of SIPC and FINRA, and Plaid, Inc., a trusted industry partner; KoreConX is our SEC-registered transfer agent.

RealyInvest. Get Real with your money.

No. RealyInvest curates and purchases desirable properties that are fully-built, NNN or NN long-term leased, and paying rent. Then we securitize these properties and offer shares of ownership to our members for their investment portfolios. You begin earning dividends the first month you own shares.

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