The RealyInvest Secret Sauce

What makes RealyInvest so special? Our carefully curated essential NNN and NN investment properties, that's what!

It's time to get saucy with RealyInvest!

When you sip a Starbucks latte or buy a new phone at Verizon, you may never consider that the building you visit is owned by an investor collecting steady, increasing rent from the Starbucks or Verizon corporations.

But it's true. And with RealyInvest you can be one of those investors, too. It's time to get saucy with RealyInvest!

RealyInvest doesn't flip houses, do crowdfunding, shopping malls or office space. Instead, we only invest in essential, premier commercial properties that are fully built, rent-paying, NNN- or NN-leased to top-rated corporate tenants such as Starbucks, Verizon, FedEx or Chick-fil-A. Our tenants pay property taxes and maintenance; we collect the rent.

You can learn all about these special leases from our NNN and NN 101 Guide here, but the bottom line is this: RealyInvest exclusively invests in desirable real estate long-term leased to corporations you know and use every day. Profit from the economy you’re already helping to build.

The wealthy have been investing in NNN and NN properties for generations, seeking steady, rising income, potential long-term appreciation and a hedge against inflation.

Now, with RealyInvest, you can too. Start building your portfolio today. Get Real with your money.

Your journey to financial freedom starts here.

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