About Us

Jeffrey Beebe has invested in and developed nearly $100 million of NNN and NN properties over the course of 15 years.

Time and again, he saw the same pattern: wealthy individuals would buy his properties for huge sums of money for conservative, long-term investments; seeking stable, above-market yield and asset appreciation.

At the same time, Jeff and his wife Susan were teaching their sons about the investment world. They became aware that a whole generation of young people didn't really understand investing. Further, they realized beginning investors didn't have access to many better investment opportunities, such as premier, essential NNN and NN properties.

Together, Jeff and Susan founded RealyInvest to innovate and democratize NNN and NN commercial real estate investing. Susan's background as an educator and author has shaped RealyInvest's educational component. Jeff's investing experience, as well as his knowledge of NNN and NN real estate markets, has informed the direction of the program. And recent developments in SEC regulation have made this kind of democratization for beginning investors possible.

Together they are making RealyInvest the way to Get Real with your money.


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