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When Jeff and I were first dating, he asked me to stop by a brokerage house and pick up a book of stock charts on my way to see him. “That’s odd," I thought -- I never had a request like that before.
I was an English major, writer, teacher and non-profit worker. Jeff studied political science and economics, had a career in the world of markets and was an entrepreneur. We got on famously!

After a while I could even pass his stock chart quizzes -- "It’s a pennant formation,” I would answer, or “that’s a failure to make a new high!" I learned about the ups and downs of markets.

Over the years Jeff's business focused on the world of commercial real estate. He began investing in commercial properties. Jeff would increase his properties’ values by leasing them to credit tenants. Once he even got to don a hard hat and help demolish an old building! It was a fun time, and Jeff learned about the NNN business from the inside out.

My husband and I have two wonderful sons. We want to share with them what we’ve learned about investing, so they can benefit from the stability premier commercial real estate investments can offer.

Even beyond that, we want to equip a whole generation of young people to invest in commercial real estate, people whose parents perhaps weren’t available or ready to teach them. We want to empower them to provide for themselves and their families. And we want to have fun doing it.
Won’t you join us?

Susan Rafter Beebe holds a BA from Asbury University and graduated summa cum laude from from Yale University with an MAR degree. She has been published by Morehouse Press, the Wall Street Journal and Yale Reflections magazine.

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