Chick-fil-A wins AGAIN!

Most loved for the sixth straight year.

It now seems as regular as clockwork. America’s favorite restaurant chain for the sixth year in a row is…Chick-fil-A! This is an interesting tidbit because, according to Piper Jaffray, they are also the favorite place for young people to hang out, as well. Next in line are Starbuck’s, Chipotle and McDonald’s.

In the midst of a pandemic, those double drive-throughs are humming along. Even before the lockdowns, most Chick-fil-A’s were doing about 80% of their business via drive-throughs. From there it’s a short jump to 100%.

What’s even cooler about this is that Chick-fil-A’s land and buildings usually take the form of NNN ground leases. This is the kind of real estate that RealyInvest features.

As great as Chick-fil-A's app is, you can't buy their land or building on you can with RealyInvest.

Take a look at this article from Forbes magazine and read all about it.

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