How Much Money is Your Money Making?

How does the yield offered by RealyInvest compare to other conservative investments?

Yield is simply the amount of money earned over time by any investment. For example, if you invest $100, and that investment yields 5% per year, you would be paid $5.

Yields are, and have been for some time, very, very low. If you keep your money in a savings account, you probably receive far less than 1%. In fact, according to the FDIC (as of May 2022) the average yield on a money market account is a measly .08%! The Federa; Reserve os hiking interest rates so you pay more, but your savings are still earning almost nothing.

As you can see, yields on conservative debt-type investments such as short-term quality bond funds, commercial paper and government debt range from below 1% to 2%.

But now RealyInvest is making another kind of conservative, debt-type investment available--one that can yield from 5.06 %to 7.94% annualized! 

With RealyInvest, investors can buy shares in commercial properties long-term NNN- or NN-leased [LINK TO 101 GUIDE] to America’s favorite brands, like Chick-fil-A or Chase Bank -- starting at just $20 per share. 

RealyInvest shareholders have the legal promise that our corporate tenants will honor their leases and pay their increasing rents. Lease renewal rates for these purpose-built properties are usually high, between 80%-90% according to two of the largest NNN REIT companies. 

When you invest with RealyInvest, you actually own shares in a company that owns the property, land and building. RealyInvest shareholders are the landlords! And monthly rent is distributed to shareholders as dividends. 

Your total return on investment with RealyInvest depends on how long you own shares, how often you reinvest your dividend income in new shares, and the proceeds at time of sale of an individual property. 

These steady, long-term leased properties have provided the wealthy with above-market yield income, asset appreciation and an inflation hedge for you can invest like they do.

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