Short-Term? Long-term? Total Return PLUS? What?!

Think about your investing goals. Then make a plan to make them a reality.

Just as there are different ways to ride a bike--to get to the corner market, or get fit on a mountain trail--there are different modes of investing. You may choose to invest for the Long-Term, for Total Return PLUS, or even use RealyInvest's unique Redemption option for desirable Short-Term yield--all from your app.

With RealyInvest, Long-Term investing means buying ownership shares in a property and holding them for months or years. In this scenario, you collect rental income (dividends) monthly at a rising rate as specified in the lease.

Total Return is similar to long-term investing, but adds a powerful component. With RealyInvest, Total Return means reinvesting all your rental income into new ownership shares. Total Return takes into account the rental income from your original investment, as well as all the additional rental income generated from those new shares.

Total Return PLUS is when you buy ownership shares, reinvest all your rental income, AND hold all those shares until a property is sold. This way you share in any profits from the property's appreciation. Compounding earnings, long-term increasing rent, and participation in any potential profit can be Realy powerful!

The Redemption option is a unique feature of RealyInvest, providing liquidity for our shareholders. Liquidity means the ease with which an investment can be converted to cash. With RealyInvest, you can redeem your shares on a monthly basis for your original purchase price, right from our app. This kind of liquidity with these kind of assets is generally not available. (See Prospectus for details.)

You keep all the monthly rental income you've earned, plus you get your original investment funds back. This provides exceptional Short-Term yield.

Why does RealyInvest offer this Redemption option? Because if you no longer want the rental income, yield and potential appreciation from these properties, we do! And we'll gladly take it back!

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