Starbucks (Ohio)

RealyInvest’s first property offering is our Starbucks property in Ohio.

The Projected Total Return is 5.06% per year (i) and Projected Total Return PLUS is 7.94% per year (i) !

This Starbucks is open for business and cash-flowing at this time. Starbucks Corporation sends RealyInvest monthly rent, and we send your share of that rental income right into your bank account every month.

Our investing app is up and running, and we’ve paid several months of dividends already! We invite you to come on board and earn some money on your money. Start to build a portfolio of properties by buying shares in this land and building long-term leased to Starbucks Corporation!

It’s OK to invest just a little bit. The idea is to invest some now and a little more every month. You can buy or redeem shares monthly. Building a portfolio of income-producing real estate can be a great inflation hedge, a good source of yield on your money, or a good tool to build wealth. And RealyInvest can help you diversify your investments, adding real estate shares to your stocks and other assets.

Remember – you can invest just to earn some return on your money, or you can invest for the long-term and share in any profits when a property is sold.

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As we like to say at RealyInvest…Get Real with your money!

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